a customer handing over his Tesco club card to the cashier at the till

Transforming a high-level strategy into actionable goals at Tesco


Following an operational review of Tesco Clubcard, Newt was called upon to bring clarity to a new overarching strategy.

The Challenge

Tesco had carried out a wide-ranging strategic review of Tesco Clubcard with the aim of optimising the scheme operationally and boosting customer engagement. Tesco Clubcard is Europe’s largest loyalty scheme so this was obviously a huge undertaking and had resulted in a large amount of key information.

Strategic goals formulated from the research were necessarily high level in nature and required further exploration before internal teams could use them effectively. This is where Newt came in. Tesco engaged us to scrutinise the strategy and transform it from high-level plans to achievable targets that would ease site-wide understanding and kick-start the proposition design process.

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Our Thinking

We had a four-week period to create a set of proposition ideas, which would deliver the highest priority strategic goals for Clubcard. We hit the accelerator and got to work.

From the customer research we identified which behavioural patterns and motivations had the most impact on the Clubcard experience. We used these insights and the related high-level strategic goals to flesh out concepts for new proposition ideas.

Our concepts spanned human touchpoints, for example, interactions with cashiers, self-service tills and other digital assets that were already present in stores. We fine-tuned our ideas by testing the best concepts with customers in store to get valuable, real feedback.

“I was very pleased to see how quickly Newt worked and very happy with the quality and thoroughness of the final deliverable”

Business Outcomes

Our work gave Tesco a clear direction towards achieving the highest priority strategic goals from the Clubcard strategy, along with multiple implementation options.

These ideas were robust as they’d had been live tested with customers, and each concept’s strengths and weaknesses (if any) were transparently defined. Our work helped to bring the new strategy to life and formed a crucial input to the subsequent programme of delivery and detailed design.

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