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Reaching more customers through great Service Design


When you’re a community retailer and your customers are hyper-local, what are the best ways to increase customer engagement and drive sales? Newt took a customer-centred, data driven approach, brought focus, and shaped a direction in 3 weeks.

The Client was an established chain of convenience stores, well known mainly as a newsagent where some good deals were to be found. But many customers were missing out on everything else the brand had to offer, especially in fresh produce. The Client was keen to increase footfall and drive sales. But how, and what would be the best way? Newt was engaged to help.

The Challenge

There were many potential initiatives that could have been chosen to address the business objectives, and many big question marks within the business on which initiatives would be most worth investing in.

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Our Thinking

Taking all available insight about their customers, attitudes and behaviours, Newt rapidly distilled the three things that mattered most to their customers. Working in a cross departmental team made up of Customer, Marketing, Insights, and Store colleagues, we facilitated a rapid fire Discovery session to make the big decisions.

We took a lean approach that forced the team to prioritise and focus, and built a solid chain of reasoning that led to well grounded decisions. In a follow-up Deep Dive session, we then invited customers to join the conversation, validating the thinking so far, and exploring two new proposition ideas to get early feedback. We also facilitated the creation of a shared roadmap and action plan to help the business move forward.

Business Outcomes

The Client now has a clear view of where and how to start reaching more customers and drive sales, as well as the messaging and channels that most resonate with a specific customer group to drive the biggest business opportunities. They have decided to take one of the proposition ideas forward into a test and learn programme that started late 2017.

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