It’s not rocket science, it’s smart design


The globally distributed team of engineers, consultants, management and support staff at Lloyd’s Register required a next generation collaboration platform to enable greater information-sharing. The platform had to meet the disparate needs of people working in different industries, domains and time zones.

Newt rose to the challenge, developing an innovative system that made the complex intuitively simple and helped the organisation stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenge

Lloyd’s Register is global engineering, technical and business services organisation. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, LR now operates across many industry sectors, with some 9,000 employees in 78 countries.

Collaboration between employees is key to the firm’s success. The challenge was finding a smart way to meet the diverse needs of a range of professionals, from engineers on oil rigs to office support staff.

Newt was brought in to redesign the organisation’s collaborative intranet, increase efficiency and make it easier for employees to deliver quality and innovation.

example of the final design for the intranet

Our Thinking

First we had to gain a clear understanding of the distinct employee needs, so we conducted interviews and observations of target users. This enabled us to determine key audience groups and personas, identify specific user needs and design accordingly. It also helped communicate differing requirements to the wider business and developers.

As the project evolved, we constantly sense-checked our progress. This was done through high fidelity prototypes, regular user testing (face-to-face and remote), daily collaboration with the tech team and weekly stakeholder sessions. This let us gather feedback and iterate our designs to ensure we met employee needs, business requirements and technical capability.

“The new intranet design looks like something you would expect from a world class organisation.”

Business Outcomes

The newly designed intranet has been met with overwhelming positivity. It’s inspired employees to make the most of the easier information sharing and more effective global collaboration. This all helps to put Lloyd’s Register ahead in a fiercely competitive world.

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