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Customer-driven design


Our client provides global market intelligence services for the life science industry with a broad and diverse client base. As part of a significant redesign, Newt was asked to assess a prototype design with real customers, to identify any issues ahead of build.

The Challenge

Our client needed a focused approach to the sessions, because the test participants were senior clients with very little spare time.

The results needed to clearly communicate the value of this type of customer insight to the internal audience, and the method used needed to be simple and transferrable, as our client wanted to subsequently take the approach and internalise it in house to enable them to carry out their own testing sessions

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Our Thinking

Newt suggested a lightweight yet thorough process based on standard usability testing processes, adapting and suiting this to the needs of our client. We applied our deep experience in the field to elicit genuine and honest feedback without leading the participants.

We then captured and iterated the output into a number of different forms that would speak to people at multiple levels, from senior management teams to designers.

Working closely and in a flexible way with our client, we provided the tools and techniques they would need to carry out future testing themselves, embedding these and supporting the knowledge transfer.

“Newt responded very quickly to change, and were extremely flexible. The running of the usability testing sessions was excellent, as was the quality of the deliverables.”
UX Product Manager

Business Outcomes

We identified the biggest opportunities for improvement with the new design, as well as the new strengths and selling points. We also provided a useful ‘temperature check’ for the business, revealing the potential reaction of the existing user base to the new design.

Findings were presented internally, building interest and gaining support for the work. Our client was also able to take and apply the techniques and tools that we provided, taking the testing programme to New York, Boston, Basel and Zurich.

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