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Creating retail propositions for technology at Tesco


The Tesco Telecoms team wanted to define the aspirational customer experience across multiple contexts, devices, products and services to plan a programme for delivering a consistent, valuable experience to their customers.

Within 12 weeks, the Newt team conducted primary customer research, pulled together existing insight from Tesco, held stakeholder workshops and mapped out customer needs and journeys.

We also created a bespoke prioritisation framework, a potential experience delivery roadmap, and produced nearly two hundred innovation concepts as a starting point for Tesco to take forward.

The Challenge

There was a high degree of complexity involved in analysing the customer journeys, as they spanned multiple products and services within Tesco, across contexts, devices and business verticals and encompassing awareness and consideration to usage and cancellation.

There was also a desire within the business to build a basis for clear and justifiable strategic business decisions through this work, so the output needed to be data-driven, robust and practical, yet concise and clear.

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Our Thinking

We proposed a piece of primary customer research, so that we could hear from real customers first hand, and give our service designers a rich context to work with. We put our analytical minds in gear, processing all the knowledge and insight Tesco already had internally, and speaking to as many stakeholders as we could. We captured a living model of the customer needs and journeys that evolved over the course of the project as new knowledge became available.

“Newt adeptly handled all complex challenges and produced a bottom-up review of customer insights which was detailed, complex and adeptly handled via a rigorous, fully audited and traceable study.”

Business Outcomes

Our work was received with enthusiasm and support from Tesco, who appreciated our clear and objective approach throughout the project. From the work we produced, Tesco now have a pragmatic and customer-centric view of the key experience touchpoints where most value can be added to gain operational efficiencies and increase sales revenue.

Combined with the prioritisation framework and innovation concepts, this enables Tesco to build a basis for data-driven decision making as they progress their plans for the delivery of a great customer experience.

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