Take action with your customer-centred strategy

Successful customer journey mapping – Part 2 of 4

By Amanda Salter

You’ve put together a brilliant strategy document. But is it actionable?

All too often we see customer-centred strategies fail because they aren’t actionable. The strategy document sits on the intranet, directing the organisation to just “be more customer-centric”. But the crucial question is, how? And what can you do about it?

Why are customer-centred strategy documents not enough?

  • They are often abstract and conceptual rather than practical
  • They don’t describe what “good” looks like
  • They can be interpreted in multiple ways by different departments
  • They don’t often effectively describe what it means for organisations to become more customer-centric
  • They don’t show the individual roles of departments, so each department isn’t really sure how it’s meant to contribute to being customer-centric, so doesn’t take responsibility

What’s the solution?

A well-executed Customer Journey Map can turn a customer-centric strategy from abstract to actionable.

Customer Journey Maps give you:

1. Visible overall direction and vision

A Customer Journey Map is a visual and tangible representation of your customers’ desired end-to-end journey. By its very nature it focuses the reader on the customers’ perspective, and shows how your new strategy applies to your customers and your business.

2. A definition of what a “good” experience is for YOU and your customers

  • A good aspirational Customer Journey Map captures and communicates the essence of “what good looks like”, specifically for YOUR business and YOUR customers. It is unique to your organisation and doesn’t apply to anyone else.
  • Once you have a definition of “good” that everyone understands, you can build on this and create new, improved experiences that boost your brand.

3. Inspirational new customer propositions

  • Customer Journey Maps are designed to uncover a huge number of opportunities, which drive a smaller number of tightly honed potential new customer propositions
  • These are inspirational new solutions to old (or even new) problems
  • Because these are practical, specific and realistic, they can galvanise your organisation to action where nothing else can.

4. Evidence of how departments need to work together

A good Customer Journey Map gives you a blueprint for how your organisation’s multiple departments need to work together behind the scenes to achieve the desired customer experience. Processes, people and technology are all represented as enablers for the customer experience at the front of house.

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