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Customer Value Frameworks for Supermarket Retail – Part 3 of 3

Supermarket competition has always been fierce, and the arrival of new, younger brands has shaken things up even further. A robust set of customer-centred strategic principles is crucial to helping you stand out, build loyalty and drive growth. Four models in particular have proved so useful, that together, they form our Customer Value Framework. This series of three articles looks at how you can use these to set the groundwork for change.

By Amanda Salter

Customer journey phases should be a crucial part of your strategy and will help define your customer experience.Customer journey phases give an overview of the stages a customer goes through when buying your products or using your services. The best customer journey phases are based on data-driven research, which means taking time to understand how your customers are interacting with you. Your phases should form a living document that evolves as needs change.

Below is a classic example of the phases in a supermarket customer journey. This is based on data we’ve uncovered through our work with supermarket retailers.


Once you have established your customer journey phases, you can use them to:

1. Benchmark your experience

Stats and analytics from your existing customer feedback and tracking systems can feed into your customer phases to give the quantitative picture. This will let you determine how well your current experience is performing against each phase, from a customer’s perspective.

2. Highlight improvement opportunities

Your customer journey phases will show where you can address gaps in your offering to improve your customer experience. Research shows that improved experience can grow revenue by 5-10% over a span of three years. In the example above, we found gaps in Insight and Control, Avoiding Waste and Appreciating the supermarket.

3. Plan for the future

You can focus in or zoom out to get a bird’s eye view of your future planned initiatives and where they sit in your customer journeys. Are they in the right areas at the moment? What improvements will make the biggest difference to your customers?

4. Broaden your vision

Having an end-to-end view constantly in mind helps you look beyond the core activities of browsing, choosing, and paying. For example, are you offering sufficient aftercare? Or are there any at-home opportunities that would increase customer satisfaction?

Customer journey phases take time and effort to get right, but they’re worth it. The result is a better understanding of your customers and their journey, which you can use to improve experiences and build customer satisfaction.

Get a clearer picture

Need some clarity on the phases in your customer journey? We can help you identify behaviours and discover opportunities to increase sales. Improve your customer journey. 

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