The Newt Customer Experience Framework

The Newt Customer Experience Framework is a powerful, custom accelerator that lets you quickly identify untapped opportunities across your customers’ end-to-end journeys

The problem it solves

So often we see retailers struggle to turn research into actionable customer journey maps. End-to-end customer journeys and their related multichannel touchpoints are often complex and intertwined. This leaves most customer journey maps either over- simplified and unable to provide a clear direction, or so deeply detailed that teams can get lost in the weeds. Either way, the business is paralysed and unable to act.

A ground-breaking solution

The Newt Customer Journey Framework is a response to this problem. Developed in-house over the past four-years, the Newt Customer Journey Framework will fast track your innovation and success. Retailers such as Tesco have used it to great effect to identify new customer propositions and benchmark existing services over time.


The Newt Customer Journey Framework enables you to:

Identify and drive consensus on the key opportunities to improve the customer experience and build customer satisfaction and loyalty

Link customer research and insights directly to opportunities, so your decisions can be clearly supported by evidence

Engage, excite and align stakeholders with innovative and interactive workshops throughout the project

Clearly guide your marketing and advertising strategy, pinpointing approaches to drive adoption, increase cross/up-sell and reduce costs

Build a differentiated customer comms plan with opportunities for personalisation based on deep insights into customer behaviours

Generate a customer-centred blueprint that puts digital first, and shows you where the biggest opportunities lie for your customers

Additional outcomes

The Newt Customer Experience Framework gives you a crystal clear view of your multichannel end-to-end customer journey, and captures the related rich research insights in an accessible, structured and flexible toolkit. Giving you the ability to examine your customer journeys at just the right level of detail. So you can easily spot new opportunities and gaps in your propositions and customer experience.

The Framework doesn’t stop there. It also gives you a set of innovative prioritisation lenses so you can objectively consider opportunities through commercial, customer, and competitive filters. This makes prioritising investment straightforward, as you and your stakeholders can easily agree on the best opportunities to cultivate, both in the short and long term.

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