Service Design

The digital revolution is driving consumers to demand more quality and choice across multiple channels, while possibilities for creating, delivering and consuming services have multiplied. The result for consumer and business-facing companies is complexity and uncertainty.

Service Design is an approach to solving these challenges. By taking a joined up view of the touch points over a customer’s lifecycle, Service Design defines the customer experience and the behind-the-scenes activities that enable these experiences to be delivered.

We help you

  • Increase sales by delivering seamless, joined up services through frictionless customer experiences
  • Grow customer loyalty by creating responsive and supportive customer service touch points
  • Reduce cost by consolidating fragmented transactions, products and content into sleek, efficient journeys
  • Increase employee engagement & productivity by streamlining fractured workflows, and involving end users in the design of the service

Our secret sauce

Our Service Design team is drawn from top-tier management consultancies, product design firms and research agencies, so it has deep, first-hand experience working within large complex organisations to affect design-led change. This means you get industrial-scale thinking with the focus and agility of a small company.

We understand that good communication and well-run change programmes are critical parts of the jigsaw for delivering successful Service Design.

“Newt shone as our trusted partner during the project … galvanising stakeholders and solving complexity to deliver an outstanding service design.”



Our approach

For us, Service Design isn’t about mental models or process charts. It’s about working with the end users and delivering well thought through services.

Our approach to Service Design is systematic and iterative. We take an integrated, interdisciplinary approach which brings together your internal teams to focus on service delivery over the customer lifecycle.

We look at the full range of front-of-house to back office processes, structuring communications and interactions across an end-to-end, multichannel customer journey that encompasses many parts of the organisation.

Our focus is on design through the layers of the organisation according to the needs of customers and the competences and capabilities of the company, so that the service is human-centred, competitive and relevant to the people consuming it, while being sustainable for your business.

Our Service Design offer

Capability definition

Service blueprints

Service roadmapping

Multi-channel experience design

Service concepting & piloting

Embedding expertise

Our Service Design work

Our Service Design thinking

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