Customer Research

Customer Research is a critical input to the design process, whether this is qualitative or quantitative. Basing product and service design decisions on identified and validated real customer needs mitigates risk, cuts costs and maximises ROI.

With over 30 years’ experience and thousands of individual insight sessions under our belt, we’re highly-skilled, versatile and ready to help you reconnect with your customers and employees.

We help you

  • Grow sales by uncovering authentic customer behaviour
  • Spot opportunities by knowing the trends and intrinsic motivators for UK consumers
  • Reduce cost by basing decisions on fact, rather than assumption
  • Test your product, service or ideas to see how real customers react

Our secret sauce

We have a multitude of experience across the spectrum of research methods and tools, including surveys, remote testing, classic usability lab testing, interviews and ethnographic research.

Two of our founders hold research related PhDs. We are also certified members of the Market Research Society and the Association for Qualitative Research, therefore rigour and best practice methodology is always assured. We also know when to take customer feedback wholesale and when we need to look beyond what is being said.

“Newt’s analysis of our customers’ needs was powerful and adeptly handled via a rigorous, fully audited and traceable study.”



Our approach

Our insight-driven approach has vastly shortened product lifecycles, cut costs and lowered risk for our retail clients. This is because it’s trimmed back the often circular decision making process and allowed customers to show us exactly what they think.

We never undertake research for research’s sake and are always extremely focussed in our research questions.

Our Customer Research offer

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Customer segmentation

Usability testing

Accessibility testing

Market research

Our Customer Research work

Product design in an innovation company

Our Customer Research thinking

18. July 2016

Significant purchase journeys – insights into opportunities

When it comes to spending a lot of money on one purchase, customers are understandably cautious.
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