Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping lets you uncover existing issues in your customer and employee experiences and map out new propositions that better meet their needs.

Used by some of the UK’s largest companies, our Customer Experience Framework enables you to streamline your customer journeys quickly and efficiently, maximising your omnichannel customer sales, satisfaction and loyalty.

We help you

  • Grow your sales by minimising customer pain points and maximising pleasure points
  • Drive customer satisfaction by streamlining customer journeys across multiple devices and touchpoints
  • Gain competitive advantage by uncovering new opportunities and quick wins to sell and serve
  • Gain clarity internally on your company’s customer service offering, and where whitespaces exist
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Our secret sauce

Drawing on our deep omnichannel expertise, and powered by our innovative Customer Experience Framework, we start by quickly pinpointing key customer interactions. We then use these to generate ideas to increase engagement and differentiate your service at every touchpoint.

Unlike an off-the-shelf software tool, which can give you only a narrow snapshot of specific interactions, our consultative approach highlights customers’ intrinsic motivators and paints a rich picture of your customers true behaviour.

“Newt’s analysis of our customers’ needs was powerful and adeptly handled via a rigorous, fully audited and traceable study.”



Our approach

Successful Customer Journey Mapping is centred on the needs of your end users. We examine your customers’ motivations and pain points during every stage of their journey from decision-making and purchase to set up and aftercare.

We identify gaps in your existing customer experience and highlight quick and efficient ways to increase sale volumes and drive up NPS.

Our Customer Journey Mapping offer

As-is and To-be touchpoints

Multi-channel strategy and audit

Acquisition & retention pain points

Multi-channel experience design

Customer Research

Customer Journey visualisation

Our Customer Journey Mapping work

Our thoughts on Customer Journey Mapping

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